Saturday, October 2, 2010

Autumn Week

This week's theme was "Autumn." Unfortunately, we had really poor weather here - super muggy and very rainy - so it hindered some of our planned activities. (No one wants to pick up soggy acorns.) Plus, our trees haven't gotten the "it's Fall" memo yet, so the leaves are still green. Nevertheless, we soldiered on with Autumn Week!

We read the book We Love Fall, sang "Five Little Leaves" and "Five Little Squirrels," and took advantage of the one non-rainy day we had to go on a walk and look for squirrels.

Charlie and Lily helped me attach craft-store leaves to paper plates to make leaf wreaths. This craft proved to be a little tricky, as Charlie kept shoving the leaves in his mouth whenever I wasn't looking. After fishing several soggy leaves from his mouth, I may have gone ahead and finished his wreath for him ;)

We also made one of my personal favorite treats - pumpkin bread!
Charlie and Lily tasted the pumpkin puree before we added it to the batter, and they also took a whiff of cinnamon. They watched me crack the eggs and they each gave the batter a stir before we poured it into the pans.
They enjoyed their creation for afternoon snack. We had a little pumpkin bread picnic.
And then I remembered why I never serve snacks on plates.
To end the week, we all went to our favorite local farmer's market to pick up some mums and other fall decorations. Charlie and Lily do love their pumpkins!


Laura said...

There are really cute fall leaves and Halloween window clings in the dollar spot at Target. They are fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures... :) xoxoxooxo
All My Love, Auntie