Monday, July 26, 2010

Two on the move

Charlie is crawling! A few days ago he was up and rocking on his knees the way he's been doing. Lily crawled up next to him and - boom - they both just took off together in a mad crawling race. Yay! Now there is no stopping him. Just like Lily, the second we put Charlie down now he's on the move. He usually heads right to the toys and starts pulling everything out. Joe and I have been laughing this week how all of a sudden Charlie has developed such a big personality. He's much more active than ever before - crawling, pulling up on everything. He's become quite mischievous too - we can see him plotting things in a Lily-like fashion. He's been cracking us up!

Speaking of Lily, her newest trick is clapping. She started yesterday out of nowhere. I got her up from her morning nap and put her on the changing table, and she just startes applauding for me. Now she does it all the time. She also knows how to blow kisses, which is another new favorite of hers. She breaks out her entire arsenal of tricks whenever anyone is paying attention to Charlie instead of her. Her personality is priceless.

The babies have been enjoying having Daddy home with them for the summer.

But they still like playing with Mommy. But they have the most fun with each other.

Lily loves making her way into the kitchen to see what I'm up to. The other morning she was kind enough to help me put away the dishes.

Charlie's favorite part of the morning is Sesame Street. I put it on for the babies while they play, and for the most part they ignore it. But the second Elmo's World starts, Charlie is riveted.

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happy_wife said...

Look out! Charlie and Lily are on the MOVE!!! Amazing... less than a year ago they were so small... and now they are the smiliest (if that is a word) babies I have ever seen, and already giving you a run for your money! What dolls they are!

My son also has those jammies from Old Navy-so cute!!

Hugs from Houston-