Friday, July 2, 2010

Birthday party pics!

Here are just a sampling of the many, many wonderful pictures from Charlie and Lily's first birthday party. Thank you to Jen at The Photo Kitchen for doing such an amazing job with them. The party was just perfect - thank you to everyone who helped make it so great!

Charlie was ready to party!
Lily didn't realize that on her birthday she would get to eat REAL cupcakes, and not just the cute origami ones that cousin Michael made.
Birthday balloons. Just a few of the thoughtful gifts Charlie and Lily received from their fantastic family and friends.
It was super hot at the park, but Charlie didn't mind taking a few minutes to cool off. Sparkles the Clown was on hand to paint faces and entertain the kids with songs and games.
We were beyond thrilled that so many of Charlie and Lily's incredible NICU nurses were able to join us for the party. It was wonderful to see them all again and it meant so much to us to have them there.
Charlie catching on on snuggles with his daytime primary nurse, Carolyn. Our little family, with so much to celebrate!
The theme of the party was "cupcakes," so of course we had to have a big spread of them for dessert!
Time for cake!
"Um...what are we supposed to do with these?"
"Oooh, I think I figured it out!"
"Here Nana, you try some!"
Charlie is even more irresistible when he's covered in frosting. "This party was FUN! When can we do it again?!?!"
All cleaned up and visiting with their great-grandparents Lucy and Freddie before heading home to rest (and open presents!).


Tracey's Life said...

Your babies get cuter by the day, I am so happy for your family that Charlie and Lily have turned one!

Liz said...

Hi guys! I got hooked on your blog (and your adorable babies!) from the bump. I'm so happy to see how great you all are doing and my son and I include little Annaleigh in our prayers every night. Your family is absolutely beautiful. :-) Happy birthday Charlie and Lily!

Anonymous said...

Another round of adorable pictures pumpkins...

I especially love the picture of Charlie and nurse Carolyn. The face on Charlie is absolutely adorable - I just love it...

The party was a greta success - you guys did a great job...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Awww, they are so stinkin' adorable!! :)
Did you get a new camera? The pictures look like they are from a different camera. ?? hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I love these... I don't get on to look as often, but when I saw these b'day pictures, I cried tears of joy! I'm so thankful you two blog and I don't have to rely on "crackers" for all the information on your "cupcakes"... which is what I called them once Pam finally told me about them!

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