Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So many new things!

It seems that in the last few weeks Charlie and Lily have been doing something new almost every day. They are getting so big and seem to be growing up so fast. The days are so fun because we never know what they are going to do next. Here's a summary of the last 2 weeks or so:

- Crawling! Lily learned to crawl. She is fast and just loves maneuvering around the house. We find her under foot in the kitchen all the time and her favorite thing to do is crawl to the toy baskets and pull everything out. The other day Joe was painting in the dining room and she motored right on in there to help. Charlie is making a lot of progress with crawling too. He's moving into the position constantly and scooching, edging forward to grab what he wants. I think he'll be following Lily around any day now.
- Pulling up! Both babies are doing this now. Charlie LOVES to stand - it's his favorite thing to do. He is so happy when we stand him up in front of the exersaucer or the music table to play. When we're not available to lift him up though, he works hard on pulling himself to standing. He's almost got it! Lily does it too, but she really prefers to try to climb up people instead of grabbing objects.

- Teeth! Lily officially has a tooth on the bottom, and another one coming in on the top. None for Charlie yet, but we're sure he won't be toothless for long. Although, I will miss his sweet, gummy smile! (In this picture he's all proud of himself because he pulled all the sleep sacks off the side of the pack n' play. He gets so much joy from doing that!)
- Words! Lily and Charlie have been saying "Dada" for quite some time now, but this morning Joe taught Lily to say "Mama!" I cried a little when I heard her, I have to admit. She doesn't know that she's talking about me when she says it, but when you say "Mama" to her she repeats it clear as day. So cute!

They are just getting so big! I included these pictures because you can really tell how strong and sturdy Lily has become. Here she is turning poor Tucker into her own personal pony.

Woah - hold on!


sue said...

Impossible to believe, but those babies still get cuter every day!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Charlie - we want baby races... Keep smiling pumpkins and be gentle with Tucker...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxox

Little Wonders said...

I absolutely ADORE this stage! Lots of crawling and pulling up to stand going on in our house, too. So fun!

happy_wife said...

Oh my gosh!!! Crawling, pulling up, growing some teeth AND talking!! What an amazing time you all must be having! This time is so much fun. They do so many things and it is all new and incredible. And when they start to talk.....get out! When my son, Alex, first said Mama I about passed out!

Great pics!

Hugs from Houston said...

Tucker is so patient!