Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunny Days

Boy, have we been enjoying this week of awesome weather! Charlie and Lily have been putting their new stroller to good use. We've been out walking every day, usually more than once. Joe and I have been loving taking the babies for walks after dinner. It's a great chance for us to talk and spend time together as a family, plus Charlie and Lily love to go out so the walks totally eliminate the evening fussy time. Besides our walks after dinner, the babies and I have had a chance to get out with some friends. On Wednesday we met my friends Gretchen and Trish and their sets of twins, Michael and Daphne and Angela and Daniel, in the park for a stroll. Needless to say, three sets of multiples strolling together through the park together certainly attract a lot of attention, especially when one set of babies is riding in little race cars! The following day we met my friend Jill and her daughter Maya (Charlie's future girlfriend - they've been promised to each other since Maya was in utero) for a long walk in the park. So nice, and a great chance for mommy to catch up with her friends!

When they weren't out seeing the world, Charlie and Lily were busy at home working on their solids. We had been doing some sweet potatoes each day, but recently Charlie has started acting up at bottle time. He's just not eating well and seems more interested in playing with the bottle than drinking from it. Lily also wiggles and twists and is easily distracted during her bottle feedings, although she still eats plenty. Anyway, some friends suggested that we try more solids since the babies may be losing patience with their bottles, so we added a second "meal" of oatmeal and bananas to the day. Lily eats like a champ - she opens her mouth for each bite, swallows immediately and eats a ton! Last night we even had to get her more sweet potatoes after she finished her whole serving. Charlie isn't quite as in love with the solids as Lily - he eats a couple bites, but then he starts pushing them out with this tongue or drooling the food out. We're hoping he just needs more practice and will take to them better soon.

Charlie has been doing awesome with his rolling though! So awesome that I found him on his belly at 5:15 am this morning clawing at his mattress because he was stuck! He's also been grabbing everything in sight, including faces. Lily is also a big grabber, and anything she gets her hands on goes right in her mouth. She's recently discovered her feet too, and grabs at them constantly. They are very busy babies!

Gretchen, Trish and me with all the babies in the park.
Mommy and Charlie, just chilling on a sunny Saturday morning.
Lily modeling one of her new spring outfits from Grandma. Joe calls the "Easter egg pants" and says Lily looks like a box of Paas egg dye.


Anonymous said...

Brooke, SO glad you are able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. YOur CHarlie sounds like my Evan when it comes to meal time. Evan also sticks his tongue out and shows us all his food. He seems to not be that thrilled with the whole eatting process. Dylan on the other hand loves it just like your LIli.

We spent 10 hours in emergency last week with Dylan he was not breathing right and coughing way to much for my liking. I did not understand we do not go out with the twins to public places and they have been taking their RSV shots each month. After 10 hours we found out he had Bronchitis. They gave us antibotics and an inhaler. He is doing so much better.

Lili's pants are adorable and Charlie's eyes sparkle when he is with his mommy.

This are getting so big! Enjoy every minute, that is what I am told all the time. I am trying to absorb everything and taking as many pictures and video as possible.

Happy Spring! Susie mommy to Evan and Dylan

Anonymous said...

Ahh, they are just SO cute! I love how happy they always look too =)

Heather C

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of babies in that picture...
And these two pupkins are just too cute for words.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo

JoLynn said...

Love the new stroller! We are currently doing research for a purchase. Do you mind sharing what brand it is and what you like/don't like about it?

The kids are adorable and getting so big! Charlie looks like a little man. Lily can definitely pull off those pants better than I can!

Brooke said...

JoLynn - we have the Baby Trends Double Jogger. I LOVE it! It is so easy to push and steer, has lots of under seat storage, folds and opens easily and has a fantastic sun shade that moves all over to keep the babies blocked. I definitely recommend it!

Stephanie said...

We have been trying to enjoy some time outside too since the weather has been nicer! But now it is back in the 30's again, so we aren't going out as much. We also need a side by side double...I'll look into that one! Glad to hear the solids are coming along, it took Caroline & Jack some time to get used to them, and even now there are times they spit everything out! Solids are tricky. I'm so glad to see your little Charlie and Lily growing and thriving! They are truly amazing little miracles. :) (p.s. I just posted some new pics of my little bunnies on my blog...check them out if you get a chance.)