Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Days

Lots going on here in the last few days! On Thursday, Charlie and Lily celebrated their first Thanksgiving. Unfortunately it wasn't able to go as planned, since my dad got sick and we were unable to bring the babies to my parents' house for dinner. Instead, the four of us spent the day together at home. We tried (and failed at) another Christmas card photo shoot, then took the babies and Tucker on a nice long walk in the beautiful weather. My Nana came over and brought the babies some new books to read, and later my mom brought Joe and I all the goodies we'd missed at dinner. The next day I hit the stores for some shopping while the babies got in some Daddy time. I also started putting out our Christmas decorations. It's so fun to decorate for the holidays now that Charlie and Lily are here to enjoy it. Joe also got up our outside lights - we have to get Charlie out there to check them out, as he is the light expert around here.

Friday night we decided that we would try to put the babies to sleep in their cribs in the nursery. Until now they've been sleeping in their bassinets in our room, but they never really sleep well. We thought maybe they'd be more comfortable in their nice cozy cribs, so we gave it a whirl. Let's just say that first night will go in the books as one of our worst nights on record. The babies just did NOT want to sleep! We were up with one of the every hour. Not fun. Still, nights like that are bound to happen so we didn't want to blame it on the cribs. We decided to try again last night (Saturday) and this time we got one of the BEST nights on record - both babies slept soundly from 12:00 am to almost 5:00 am in the cribs. They just love to keep us on our toes. We'll do it again tonight and see what we get!

Saturday night was exciting not only for the good night's sleep but for the fact that Joe and I went out together! This was the first time that the two of us have gone somewhere alone without the babies and the first time we've left both babies in the care of someone else. Joe's parents and my mom have each watched Charlie solo once, but no one had ever stayed alone with both babies. Still, after our rough night Joe and I realized we needed a break, so Joe's parents came over and Joe and I headed out for 2 hours on our own. We grabbed a quick dinner at China buffet, then headed to Wal-Mart where we did some Christmas shopping for Charlie and Lily. We hit up Cold Stone (mmmm, pumpkin pie ice cream) before heading home for the night. It was great to get out together for a bit and we hope to do it again soon!

Today Joe went out to run some errands and was unfortunately rear-ended in the parking lot of BJ's. There was no damage to the car and Joe is thankfully okay except for a sore neck. We're hoping his neck doesn't get any worse, but we're grateful that the accident was as minor as it was. It's always something!

And I almost forgot! Earlier this week we got some good news regarding the babies and their apnea monitors. The information download from the monitors from the past month showed that Lily had only one episode and Charlie had none! Thanks to their good behavior, Lily is now allowed to be free of the monitor when she is not sleeping or in her car seat and Charlie is allowed to stop taking his caffeine. After he has been off the caffeine for a week he can start using the monitor less as well. We're very excited to be making steps away from the monitors, and it's great to be able to unhook the babies and walk around the house with them. Lily loves going upstairs at night to pick out her pajamas and her outfit for the next day, and Charlie likes hanging out in the office with Daddy. Hopefully they will be completely wireless very soon!

We get a lot of questions about the monitors, so this picture shows how the leads are attached to the babies. They each wear a belt around their chest with the sensors attached, and the wires connect to the actual monitor. Whenever we take the babies anywhere we have to take the monitors (which are in handy little carrying cases) with us and keep the babies connected. (Charlie asks that you please overlook his sexy diaper/sock combo. He is usually much more stylish.)

Sweet Charlie
Lily, always looking at something!
You know you wish this outfit came in your size. Lily likes your jealousy.

That's right ladies, I'm officially taken. So sorry.

Mommy and Lily relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.


Lauren Grace said...

That is such great news about those monitors! When your children are finally free of them, you are going to say how easy parenting is now! I remember the first day with my son without the monitor, I actually carried him all over the house and then I went out, just so I could see what it was like to be monitor free!

Best of Luck!! And glad your hubby is ok from the minor fender bender! Thank goodness the babies werent in the car!

Becky said...

Your year is starting to sound more like ours was 2 yrs ago. Evan was born at 24weeks in feb, my husband got in one accident totalling out our jeep in march, later got in another accident hitting a deer with the new jeep wanna say around november, and my appendix came out in january, and that's just the big stuff. It was all loaded with blessings though. My husband wasn't hurt in either of the accidents, my appendix didn't burst despite being crazy large, and Evan's doing great. So really can't complain, but I can sympathize!
Cheers for the steps towards no cords!

Lauren said...

Such a full post!!

Glad their 2nd night in the crib was better than the first. Hope that trend continues!

YAY for almost being wireless! That's such great news.

Glad Joe is mostly okay!

LOVE the pics - and what darling outfits. ;)

Brooke said...

Ah yes, I should have given credit to Lauren for the adorable outfits in today's post! She bought both for Charlie and Lily. I am especially fond of Charlie's, as I like anything that declares him mine.

Heather Lee said...

I know it is hardly possible, but Lily becomes more beautiful and Charlie more handsome every time I see pictures of them!! Adorable babies.

Michele from FTHS said...

Glad Joe is OK. Wonderful job Little D's on your phenomenal progress. Way to go!!!!!!

Meg said...

They are just beautiful! So happy everyone is doing well! :)