Monday, November 9, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

What do you get when you cross a sleep-deprived mommy with a scalding hot bottle sterilizer? Second degree burns on 20% of your leg :( Saturday night had been shaping up to be relaxing. It was just 8:30 and Lily had already fallen asleep and Charlie was not far behind. Joe took Lily up to her bassinet and went to bed himself. I was going to clean up the kitchen and then bring Charlie upstairs so that he and I could join in the sleep. But as I was taking the bottle sterilizer out of the microwave I dropped it - right on to my thigh. Yeah, that water is hot. My leg did not look good and it HURT. Needless to say, Joe did not get much sleep after I busted into the bedroom in my underwear screaming, "I burned my leg! I burned my leg!"

My mom came and took me to the ER and Joe's mom came to help him with the babies (who by some miracle I did NOT wake up with my screeching). After 5 hours at the hospital, I was given some painkillers and my leg was treated with ointment and wrapped. The burns are second degree, but since they are on such a large portion of my leg the hospital wants me to go to a burn center for further treatment. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Luckily, I'm still able to function completely. My leg, although really, really gross looking, does not hurt too badly and it's not keeping me from taking care of the babies. I hope that they don't do anything tomorrow at the burn center to change that! The only bright side was the pain killers given to me in the hospital were super strong and knocked me out, leaving me no choice but to go home and sleep. 6 hours of consecutive sleep was pretty awesome, but I still think I would have preferred to skip the scalding!

Today Charlie and Lily had another visit to St. Peter's to have their eyes re-checked and an apnea clinic appointment with the wonderful Dr. Hiatt. The babies were measured and weighed -Charlie was 9 lbs 6 oz and Lily was 8 lbs 9 oz. Dr. Hiatt then checked the babies all out, testing their growth and development. He declared them to be excellent, which made us very happy! We then reviewed the information that had been downloaded from the babies' apnea monitors. The babies had each had between 8 and 10 brady episodes since being home. None of them were serious, but they will be remaining on the monitors for awhile longer. Charlie will also remain on his caffeine. As Dr. Hiatt said, we seem to have a winning combination that is helping the babies to thrive, so it's better not to make any changes. After they saw Dr. Hiatt, the babies moved on to visit with Dr. Wasserman, who checked the progress of their eyes. Both Charlie and Lily had improvement from their last visit, but both still had small spots on both their eyes that need to watched. Dr. Wasserman said he has no reason to think they will need any sort of treatment - in fact they are almost in the clear. They go back in four weeks and hopefully that will be the last eye appointment we have!

So I realized today that I have no concept of how big the babies are getting. The other day I finally relented and switched Charlie to 0-3 month clothes as opposed to the newborn sizes he was busting out of. But this afternoon Joe was feeding Lily and I looked over at her in his lap and realized that she could not straighten her legs because her little newborn sleeper was too tight. My little Bug is big! It's exciting that they are growing, but strange that they are no longer tiny. Still, growth is good - and it means a whole new wardrobe for them both!

Charlie has recovered from his shots and has returned to being our sweet boy.

Lily? Well...Lily might need another day or so.

Sleeping Charlie... so cute!


Anonymous said...


That's terrible! This has not been a good week for you! I hope that you feel better. Try to relax and take it easy, as much as you can with the babies. Charlie and Lily look adorable and I am so happy that they seem to be progressing well. you're all in my thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I hope your burns get better soon.
Feel better and be careful. Be grateful that one of the babies was not in your hands at the time...
The pictures are adorable of course. I just love my Charlie Cheeks... He has such a beautiful smile. You can tell that he is just so happy and content. Get back to normal my litle Lil.. Smooches my little loves.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxoxo

Kittybits said...

Oh my goodness! I hope your leg heals quickly. Cheers to the babies getting big, they look great!

The Madeira Triplets said...

I hope your leg heals quickly! I have a "bad mommy" moment--with our BBBs we found that the sterilizer was too much work and used hot hot water in a plastic tub in the sink...we would put everything in there and wash it up, and would sometimes send it through the dishwasher to sterilize since that gets very hot as well. I almost had a similar experience. It was much easier too :D There...the bad mommy confession is over :D I hope that you recover soon! Great pictures by the way!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness Brooke! How horrible. Hopefully you will be back to normal soon.

Katrina said...

Sorry about your job. You have a more important one right now anyway. ;)
Ouch to the burn!
And CUTE are the babies! Love the video of Charlie sleeping, through Lily crying and a dog bark. ZZZZZ I also love his hands in the air while he sleeps!

Rebecca, from CT said...

Oh no Brooke!! And OUCH!!!! I hope your leg heals with as little scarring as possible!! Such good news that the babies are busting out of their newborn clothes!! Good news form the eye doctor too. So proud of them and you and Joe!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how little babies sleep with their arms over their head. It made me pretty sad when my son stopped doing that... even though it was replaced by the ever so cute 'butt in the air' pose :)

I hope your leg heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Hope you feel better soon! Charlie & Lily are just so cute! Even when Lily is crying, she's so sweet & adorable! And of course,Charlie & those cheeks, he's just too cute for words! Feel better & take advantage of the pain killers to get some well needed & deserved sleep!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the babies!
Was just wondering how you were doing? Hope the burn on your leg is better.
A Blog follower, Sherry

Lori said...

Ouch! Can't you just use the dishwasher for bottles? We were told that as long as you had public drinking water that was fine. It is a lot less work and WAY less painful. Hope you heal quickly.

Sandi's mom - Eve said...

How is Brooke feeling from her burn? and Lil Miss Lily from her shot, and Joe from his cough ??? And darn it if those arent the sweetest shots of sleepy Charlie. I tried sleeping like that (and I am a tummy sleeper) and I liked it ! haaaa