Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two More Hospital Visits

Sigh. Really though, I should NOT complain. Even though each incident I've had has been scary, they have proven to be nothing major and the babies have been just fine, which is all that matters! At almost 14 weeks I had another bleeding episode that sent me to the ER No cause for the bleeding was found, and a visit to the MFM the next day showed that everything was as it should be. I started to relax a bit, but then yesterday, at almost 17 weeks, I had more bleeding. This time I went to Labor & Delivery and saw an awesome OB. He showed me that the babies were fine and assured me that he could really find nothing wrong - placentas, cervix, etc. all looked fine. His best guess was that I had a ruptured blood vessel in my cervix that was causing the intermittent bleeding. Annoying and scary, but not serious our dangerous. That was a relief!

Joe and I have determined though that the plus side to all these hospital and doctor visits is the ultrasounds - at this point I am 16 weeks 5 days along and we've had no less that 17 ultrasounds!

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The Home Cook said...

I'm so sorry you had another scare but at least you've gotten to see the babies 17 times. That's pretty impressive. :)