Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Few Bumps

I knew full well that a triplet pregnancy was not going to be easy, but I honestly thought I'd make it a tad further before I ran into any snags. Alas, at 8 weeks into the pregnancy we rushed to the ER when I woke up with major bleeding. We were panicked and convinced that we were losing our beautiful babies. We got a miracle that day, however, when we learned that all three babies were perfectly healthy and the bleeding subsided. We were thrilled. Then, 3 nights later I woke up in agony. I was having horrible, unbearable pain in my lower abdomen. Joe rushed me to the ER, where I spent 11 hours writhing in pain while the doctors tried to diagnose my problem.

Eventually, they gave up on trying to diagnose me and instead sent me into surgery where they would hopefully find and correct the problem. My RE performed the operation and discovered that my right ovary, enlarged from the IVF medication, had twisted completely around my right fallopian tube. Both needed to be removed. Thankfully though when I woke up from surgery the crushing pain was gone and I felt much better. I stayed the night in the hospital and had an ultrasound the next day to check the babies. Once again our superstar babies were totally fine! We have some troopers on our hands :)

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