Sunday, April 26, 2009

To Start from the Beginning

Joe and I met in high school, during my junior year and his senior year. We went to the same college, and got married one year after I graduated. Over the years we added to our family by adopting two amazing kitties, Roy and Roger, and later our dog Tucker. We have a wonderful and happy life - we are extremely blessed. However, we really wanted to complete our family by adding a baby. In May 2007 I went off the depo-provera shot we'd been using for years as birth control and waited for nature to take it's course. Unfortunately, nature had other plans and my body refused to cooperate. After many months of waiting and trying, I visited the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) at Princeton IVF and we began our journey into fertility treatments.

And it was quite the journey. After three failed inter-uterine inseminations, our RE recommended that we move on to IVF. We had our first IVF in August of 2008, but due to poor embryo quality. We were very disappointed, but soldiered on to IVF #2. This one resulted in better quality embryos and a chemical pregnancy. At this point we were into November 2008 and reaching the end of our rope. Anyone who has gone through infertility treatments will tell you that it is a long and extremely emotional road that wears on you after time. Still, we wanted our baby so we went on to IVF #3. My RE made several protocol changes, so we were feeling positive when we began our third cycle in January 2009. We figured, a new year, a new outcome. And how right we were!!

Less that two weeks after our three embryos had been transferred I had my first blood test and it came back positive. We were pregnant!!

The results of the test yielded big numbers, so we were prepared to discover we were having twins. We certainly weren't expecting to find out at our first ultrasound that we were having triplets. Three babies!! Joy, excitement, name it, we felt it! But we soon realized that three babies were more than we ever could have hoped for and we were more than ready to be parents.

We had a blast telling our families the news (we announced it on Valentine's Day with cards to all) and now we're eagerly awaiting our new additions. We've had a few rough patches within the pregnancy so far, but our babies are rock stars and doing great. We can't wait to meet them!

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b is for brown said...

WOW. I just cried for your excitement. I find out Monday if our 1st IVF worked. I am so happy you were blessed with 3! My embryos were beautiful but a little slow. They put back two 5 cells. We hope they stick. If not, my Doc at Cornell said we will fix things. I look forward to reading more about your little family!