Monday, October 1, 2012

Love, Annaleigh in the news!

We were so excited to discover this picture on the second page of our local paper's Sunday edition! We hope this helps spread the word about Love, Annaleigh so we can grow our organization even more. We're starting to plan a special Christmas-time donation collection, so we'll make sure to keep you posted!

In other news, the kids are doing well in preschool (they have their first field trip tomorrow to the apple orchard!) and Joe is starting grad school classes this week - so we've been busy! But when we're home, Lily's favorite activity is anything art related. She loves to color, play with Play-Doh and paint. Last week I pulled out the easel and let them go to town.
Since I'm at work four nights a week, we try to make dinner fun on at least one of the nights I'm home. Last Saturday we hit up Cheeburger Cheeburger, which quickly became Charlie's favorite restaurant when the kids' meals arrived in cardboard cars!
We're also getting ready for Halloween. The kids are super excited this year because they really understand what's going on. We encouraged them to choose their own costumes, and Charlie immediately declared that he wanted to be Thomas (no surprise there). But we though the Thomas costume in the stores was kind of lame, so Joe decided to make him one. It's turning out completely awesome, and Charlie LOVES seeing Thomas develop with each step. Here he is helping Joe with the painting.
 And of course, we started baking some Halloween treats. Lily always has a great time decorating cupcakes. I think I need to invest in more sprinkles...and a bigger broom. 

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