Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Fun

I love when holidays roll around! There's always so many great things to see and do! We've been taking advantage of the Halloween season as best we can around here. I found some cute projects on Pinterest that I couldn't resist. Charlie and Lily got the biggest kick (pun intended, lol) out of making their footprints into ghosts, and they did a fantastic job with the candy corn counting - I didn't even need to explain it to them!
Last Saturday the kids and I joined my sister, Jill, at a local farm for their Fall Festival. It was a great time! Charlie and Lily are currently obsessed with bounce houses, so not only did they spend a lot of time in one at the farm but they also took many a ride on the giant inflatable slide.
Petting zoos are always a hit. Lily loves goats.
Of course, we took a ride to the pumpkin patch.
"Smile, Aunt Jill! You're going to be buying us a lot of pumpkins...."
We had to get a green pumpkin. Who knew they existed?
Charlie insisted on riding this enormous monster truck and got the biggest thrill out of it. Boys.


Anonymous said...

Pumpkins are green like Charlie's before they ripen. We own a pumpkin patch in Illinois so we live and breathe pumpkins this time of year :) Besides the ordinary orange, we have white, blue, red, and beige to name a few. I've enjoyed watching your children grow. They are beautiful!

Brooke said...

Thank you, Tracy! And thanks for the info - that's really interesting! And you're right - our special green pumpkin has started to turn orange!