Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Farm-Filled Birthday

Last Friday we celebrated my birthday with a trip to Johnson's Farm. My friend Trish had been recommending it to me for almost a year, and my birthday seemed like the perfect day to take Charlie and Lily on a trip there. We started off by hitting the discovery barn, where Charlie and Lily rode tractors and tried out different "jobs." Lily apparently wants to be a construction worker.
Then we stopped to feed the animals. The farm had sheep, chickens and pigs, but Charlie and Lily were mostly interested in the goats.
We ended our visit with a hayride to the fields, where we picked corn and nectarines. Charlie and Lily weren't too interested in the corn (but I'm glad we got some because it was SO delicious), but they enjoyed picking the nectarines from the trees.
After nap, Joe, Charlie and Lily gave me some great gifts, including a beautiful, cozy photo blanket (I need to get a good picture of it!) and a cookbook of recipes to get kids involved in the kitchen. That evening Joe and I got out for a nice dinner and saw The Help (a really good movie and an even better book, FYI!).

The next day our families came over for some cake and presents! Charlie and Lily loved helping me open my gifts.
Charlie was very interested in my Bath and Body Works soap. I kept trying to teach him how to smell it, but he kept trying to eat it instead.
And of course, I got some help blowing out my candles!


Momof1 said...

glad you had a good birthday! looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY AGAIN... My favorite pic this time is the one with Lily with the bag on her arm...

I'm glad you had a nice birthday - I bet the song in the theatre topped it :)

:) xoxoxoxo