Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making a splash

One of the best things about our development is that we have a great pool within walking distance from our house. It's big, clean, quiet and has a nice baby pool, which is perfect because Charlie and Lily love, love, love the pool. Here are a few pics from our recent swim.

Suited up.
I have to wear a hat when we go out in the sun because I have skin discoloration on my face (technical term is "malasma" I think) from hormone surges during my pregnancy. Since I wear a hat, Lily insists on wearing one too, and insists that Charlie wear one also. Charlie is not so keen on the hat, but Lily likes hers. Even if she does spend more time taking it off and making me put it back on her than she does actually wearing it.
Arriving in style.
Flying with Daddy.


Anonymous said...

LOVE Lily's bug bathing suit!!!

Anonymous said...

Lily's bathing suit is ADORABLE!! Charlie's is cute too :)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture where their backs are to the camera. :) xoxoxo