Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning Charlie and Lily participated in their very first Easter egg hunt! The community we currently live in is wonderful with doing special activities for the kids. There's a new, free activity every month, and this month was an Easter egg hunt. Joe has been taking a poetry class on Saturday mornings, and today was his last class so Crackers came along to help us with the hunt. The weather was a little less than spring-like, at a chilly 45 degrees, but that didn't stop the fun. Armed with their baskets and ready to find some eggs."Mommy, why am I standing out here in the cold holding this basket?"
They're off! Crackers and Lily on the hunt.
Lily took to the egg hunt right away, but Charlie was a little intimidated at first by all the kids running around. I helped him pick up a few eggs, then after things calmed down we sort of re-created the Easter egg hunt for him.

"Oh, so THIS is what I'm supposed to do!"

Lily lends a hand.

Once all the eggs were collected we went into the community center for some cookies and party favors. All in all, the egg hunt was a lot of fun and good practice for the egg hunt that Joe and I are planning at home for Charlie and Lily on Easter morning :)


Tracey's Life said...

Just too cute Brooke. It is just so nice to see Charlie and Lily growing and thriving and "catching on" to things.

Anonymous said...

I just love that little pony tail on the top of Lily's head. I'm glad you guys had a fun time - now Charlie and Lily will be pro's for the REAL Easter Egg Hunt that the Easter Bunny has on Easter morning.
:) xoxoxoxxo

Wenni Donna said...

That looks so cute. I personally love Easter Egg Hunt. This is a fun activity and can be added to any event for extra enjoyment. We celebrated our daughter’s birthday recently at some local Venues in San Francisco and had added Easter Egg Hunt game too in it. Everyone enjoyed it a lot.