Sunday, November 7, 2010

G and H Week

This week was focused on the letters G and H. We read Good Night, Gorilla and sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." I decided to work a little learning about body parts into the week as well, thanks to the song, so we also watched Baby DaVinci Head to Toes, which Lily adores. She can't get enough of the puppets. We worked hard this week, and now Charlie can show us where his ears are and Lily can identify her ears, nose, mouth and belly. The babies used their hands for art this week and made hand print gardens. Joe was off Thursday and Friday thanks to teacher convention, so he helped us out with the project. It was messy, but fun! With such an intense learning week, Charlie needed some caffeine to keep his energy up.Lily, on the other hand, needs no stimulants to keep her moving! Exhibit A. I found this lovely bite mark on poor Charlie's arm when we were at his orthopedist appointment on Tuesday. I have no idea when Lily bit him, but she sure got him good.
Speaking of the orthopedist, Charlie's appointment went well. I brought him in on the recommendation of the physical therapist we saw at St. Peter's, who thought that Charlie's crooked pinkies should be examined. Charlie loved our "date" to the doctor - Crackers stayed with Lily so it was just me and Charlie for the morning. He was so happy and charming in the waiting room, crawling over to the receptionist desk to get her attention and flirting with the nurses. The orthopedist took an x-ray of Charlie's hands and told me that he has something called "clinodactyly," which is essentially a birth defect resulting in crooked pinkies. The doctor said that the x-ray showed no indication that the crookedness would get worse as Charlie grows, so there's nothing that needs to be done. He wants us to come back in a year for one more x-ray just to double check, but there's no reason for concern.

In other news, Charlie finally got his first tooth! And shortly after a second one popped up too. Yay!
A bundled-up Bug! No chilly weather will keep us from our daily walks in the buggies!

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