Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun!

The first day of summer has come and gone. The weather is HOT. And Joe is almost done school for the year - yay! Charlie and Lily have been enjoying their summer days - playing, swimming, shopping and getting ready for their first birthday party. This Sunday we are throwing a HUGE birthday bash for the babies and they can't wait (and neither can Joe and I!). But they are anxious for Sunday so we've had to keep them occupied with plenty of fun to help pass the time.

Last week we went outlet shopping with my friend Lauren and her son Danny. Charlie and Lily picked out these cute outfits for themselves at Carter's.
"Ooooh, let me see that!"
"Not a chance, Charlie. This girl never parts with her cell phone."
"Okay, I got it back. It's cool."
"I thought I was just sitting. How did I get down here, Mommy?"
Snuggles with Mommy are good in any season!
So are snuggles with kitties! Charlie loves Roy and Roger, and luckily they don't seem to mind him too much even when he grabs them.
Charlie knows that it's important to wear shades in the summer.
Today Charlie and Lily hosted another pool party for their friends Abbie, daughter of my friend Colleen, and Owen, son of my friend Jenn. Here's everyone in their suits ready to hit the pool.Splish splash!
Ah...there's nothing like drying off in the warm sun after a nice swim.
My friend Colleen and her husband Chuck and daughter Abbie gave Charlie and Lily these adorable personalized toy buckets for their birthday. They are currently the perfect size for the babies ;)
And last but not least, Charlie and Lily spent some time this week partying down with Daddy's co-workers. Joe's colleagues were kind enough to invite the babies and I to their end of the year party, and Charlie and Lily had a blast. Look how happy Lily was! (And how happy Joe was to finally have the babies meet his friends!)


Kate said...

Their smiles are too much! LOVE all the pics. :)

Angel said...

I love your posts. Every time I see their smiles, it cheers me up. They are so filled with love and giggles. What great kids to have!

Sarah said...

I love all 4 of your smiles! They are always so big...I think those might be the happiest babies I have seen. You can tell they are showered with lots of love!

The Mommy said...

Your babies are so stinkin' cute! Happy, aren't they?

This may not be the best place to request this, but I am just starting to crochet preemie-sized blankets and caps to donate. I would like to send a batch to the NICU that your babies were in. Your story touched my heart and I guess this would be a way to "pay it forward"? Could you maybe e-mail me the address/contact info?

melissa said...

Nearly one?? Wow, I can remember following this blog right from the start!! Lily and CHarlie are just ADORABLE

Colleen said...

Great photos! Chuck just posted his recap of the splash pool too (although I wasn't there when he did it so I have no idea how he knows what went on lol) And I love them in the buckets - I have had one for 7 months now and never thought to do that!

Heather C said...

Again, I always say this but happiest babies everrr! I've been excited about seeing their first birthday party photos!

Anonymous said...

Another round of beautiful pictures.I just love that dress that Lily is wearing. When you outgrow it sweetheart - can Auntie borrow it. Keep smiling pumpkins and thanks again for the wonderful surprise. I love you sweetpeas.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo

Brooke said...

Colleen - Ha! So what does it say about me that the FIRST thing I did with my buckets was stick my babies in them!?!? ;)