Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today we celebrated Joe's first Father's Day. Charlie and Lily were very excited to spend this special day with their Daddy and even had some treats planned. They got up nice and early and dressed in their special Father's Day t-shirts.
When Joe woke up, Charlie and Lily were ready to shower him with cards and presents. But first, Charlie had to sample the envelope just to make sure it was fine enough quality for Joe.

The envelope was so delicious that Charlie continued to snack on it while Lily read Joe his card. Then they helped him open his presents - a photo skin for his laptop with a picture of them on it, plus a butterfly feeder in honor of Annaleigh. They also bought him a Father's Day book that Joe read to them before their morning nap.

While the babies napped Joe snacked on the peanut butter cup cupcakes that Charlie and Lily had asked me to make for him, and once they were awake the four of us headed out to brunch together. Charlie and Lily had a great time making friends at the diner and sharing some of Daddy's pancakes. When we got home, they spent some quality time playing before their next nap.
Later that afternoon we headed of to Aunt Linda's to celebrate Father's Day and cousin Matt's birthday. It was great to spend some time together with the whole family. Here we have four generations of DiGiuseppe men!
Cousin Michael is not a big lover of babies in general. He usually wants nothing to do with them, but Lily was determined to win him over.
Success! But really, who can resist the Bug?!?
Catching up to Aunt Linda in the height department!
At Aunt Linda's Charlie and Lily got to meet their cousin Ava for the first time. I think they'll be good friends!
After a fun and busy day, Charlie and Lily headed home for baths and one last snuggle with Daddy before bed.
Note to Joe: You are truly the best Daddy I have ever known. I am incredibly lucky and proud to have you as the father of my children. The way you love Charlie and Lily makes my heart melt each and every day. We know they are very special babies, and they have a very special Daddy to match. I love you. Happy Father's Day.

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Anonymous said...

Lily did win Michael over - guess who talked about Lily in the car to the train station the whole time... Lily and Michael bonded - she crawled right over to him and reached out for him. He is as happy as a lark right now...
Although he said that he's afraid of spoiling his image. So we won't tell him...
Thank you for sharing Father's Day with us. Happy Father's Day Joe...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxoox