Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playing the day away

This evening Joe and I decided to detour from our usual evening walk and stop at the playground around the corner from our house with the babies. We've never taken them there before and were excited to let have them try out the swings and slide for the first time.

Charlie and Lily loved the swing. (I think I may have loved it most though.)
Lily, surveying her kingdom.
We made it down! "Hello, down there!"
Daddy's girl.
Group picture taking is easier when there's not a group of loud boys on the swings being distracting.
Oh well. Maybe next time.
After a hard evening of playing, it's important to stretch.
The playground put both babies in a great mood. They were totally goofy when we got them home.
The playground wasn't the only fun Charlie and Lily had today. This morning my friend Jill came to visit with her daughter, Maya. Maya has been promised to Charlie since they were both in the womb, but this was their first time meeting. But see? They love each other so much already that they're holding hands.
Say cheese! Anyone? Anyone?
Uh-oh. Charlie and Maya's first fight? Charlie, you better tell her that you're sorry...
This post is dedicated to Justice Wayne "JW" Blakey, who was laid to rest today after just 20 short months on this earth. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers, and hug your babies extra tight tonight.

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Anonymous said...

First Birthdays are a great time for a swing set in the back yard!!