Thursday, May 20, 2010

Learning new things

We have some busy babies around here! Charlie and Lily have become so active and inquisitive, every day is so much fun! We're working daily on sitting. They both have the concept, they just often forget to maintain their balance. One good reach to the right and - boom- they're down! They are definitely getting the hang of it though. They're also working on scooching/crawling. I think they have a little ways to go before they will be ready to crawl, but right now they are great at getting up on their knees and rocking. And they both scooch really well, although it is always backwards!

Lily can do "So Big!" and "Bye Bye!" Nana taught her "So Big." At first I didn't believe that she could to it, but sure enough on Mother's Day Nana asked Lily, "How big is Lily?" and Lily grasped her hands in front of her and raised them over her head. Now she does it ALL THE TIME. She knows that she gets cheers and praise when she does it, so why would she want to stop? (We're trying to get a video to post.) The other night Joe taught her "Bye Bye", so when you say it to her and wave she waves back. She is so smart! Charlie so far has no interest in doing those things, but he does give kisses! If you lean over to him and say "kisses?" he opens his mouth and sort of sucks on your cheek. It's so funny and sweet!

The babies are also moving forward with their eating too. They now get four bottles and three solid meals a day. We've gone through all the fruits and veggies. Charlie has a sweet tooth. He loves sweet potatoes and all the fruits. He'll suffer through the peas if he must, but bring on the applesauce! He is definitely my kid! I've been offering them sippy cups of water with meals, but so far they don't really understand how to use them. I'm also trying to show them that they can hold their own bottles, but unfortunately neither seems interested in that.

Say cheese!

Picture taking fail. Ooops.
"Yay, it's Roy!" (Roy is yawning in this picture, not hissing. Charlie, however, IS hissing. But it's a happy hiss.)
The other day I put the babies on the play mat and went in the kitchen to wash bottles. This is where I found them when I came back. They sure get around!
We still love playing on our mat!
"Hey, penguin! Get out of my shot!"
"Mmmmm...wonder if this tastes as good as it looks?"
There is really nothing cuter than a baby in pajamas! Here's Charlie all nice and clean after his bath.
And Lily in her princess jammies. Smiling at Daddy, of course.
We may not drink from them, but they're fun to play with!


Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Hi..I check in pretty regularly and wanted to tell you how sweet and happy your babies sure seem to be! They have such big beautiful smiles. The picture of them on their playmat cracks me up because both their smiles are the exact same!! I have two sets of multiples plus a singleton and I so remember the 'hey, how'd you get over there?' days! Fun Fun!!

Colleen said...

Hahaha, it's so much fun to read these because Abbie is basically at the same place. And the pics this time are hilarious! Love the picture FAIL one :)

Anonymous said...

You truly have two little miracles... they had such a rough start, and now look at them! They are doing things that my full-term 11 month old isn't doing yet!! Maybe Lily can come teach her some tricks :)
I work in special education and I wish that everyone had success stories like yours!! You would never know that Charlie and Lily were born so early!!
(and they are beautiful babies on top of everything else!!)

Melissa said...

Love your blog; read it all the time, and have been since you were pregnant.

My daughter is 2 1/2 yrs now. When she was about Lily and Charlie's age, I bought her a juice box type drinking cup. Rubbermaid makes them, with the flip top and straw in the inside. She took to it right away and got drinking water all the time.

She now will ask for water instead of milk or juice. They are not perfectly spill proof when carrying them in a diaper bag etc, so place them in a plastic bag when on the go. But they worked great and i have suggested them to a few friends, who all oved them to.

Keep posting and I will keep reading.


Anonymous said...

You go my sweet little pumpkins.
I absolutely love the rocking back and forth... I just love that time... Keep smiling my sweet peas... Tell Mommy and Daddy to keep those pictures coming because they are all adorable.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxoxo