Thursday, April 1, 2010


RSV season is over! We have made it through 6 months of lockdown at home and we're free! Not that we're going crazy or anything - we're taking it slow and not bringing the babies around big crowds of people or anything just yet. But we are venturing out a bit. Yesterday was Charlie and Lily's first day out into the "real" world when they accompanied Mommy and Daddy to BJ's for some bulk shopping. The babies loved it! They were mesmerized with everything they saw, and they were thrilled with all the people who stopped to smile at them and tell them how cute they were. On the way home, we swung by Crackers' office to drop off some cookies and say hello to her co-workers. We kept the babies in the car (again, avoiding crowds of people) but everyone in the office came outside to peek at them. Again, the babies (especially Lily) were in their glory with all the attention. On the drive home, Lily was on some kind of high, "talking" to herself, laughing, smiling, and both babies were in the best moods for the rest of the afternoon. Today we met my friend Gretchen and her babies Daphne and Michael at Kohl's for some quick shopping. We also got to see Nana, who works there. Boy was she happy to see her great-grandbabies drop in on her at work. It is so nice to be able to get out and do some "normal" things with Charlie and Lily, and they are definitely enjoying it too!

Lily recently discovered her feet, and she is fascinated by them. She grabs them every chance she gets and is so proud of herself for doing so!
Charlie has become quite the roller! He now rolls from back to belly and belly to back with absolutely no problem at all. And look how cute he is while doing it!
"Oh, Mommy! You are so funny!"
Lily is all ready for baseball season in her "My First Mets Cap."
Daddy's girl.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say - CONGRATULATIONS.........
On your freedom - on your feet discovery Lily (enjoy that discovery now because when you hit a certain age and I won't reveal that age - it'll be a little harder to play with those toes...)And way to go Charlie... I am so proud of you pumpkins... Just be careful and do not talk to strangers during your release...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxooxo

missylovesyou said...

I know moms just want to protect their babies from ever feeling the effects of a yucky cold.... but in the long run it's so much better for them! Babies that are kept in "bubbles" and never get sick have such a lower tolerance to germs and colds. Let people hold and kiss them, they will be healthier and happier!

Brooke said...

Missy -

Actually, this is completely untrue for preemies. What would be a "normal" cold for a full-term baby could very easily land Charlie and Lily in the hospital. So we still need to be very cautious about where we bring them, who touches them, etc. "Bubbles" are neccessary for them for the first two years of their life, unfortunately.