Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Day!

All the snow on Saturday resulted in us waking up on Sunday to a good foot of the white stuff covering everything. Snow is pretty when it's falling, but once that part is over the rest kind of sucks. We had to dig out our cars, driveway, porches, etc. and now the roads are covered with giant piles of snow and the sidewalks and roads are icy. Plus our dog Tucker decided that he is way too delicate to walk out into the yard in the snow to pee. If we put him in the yard he immediately hides under the house until we come back for him. But walking on the leash in the snow? Well, that's totally acceptable. In fact, it's fun! So now the only way that Tucker will go to the bathroom is if Joe takes him for a walk. Grrrr.

But the snow isn't all bad, because it got Joe a snow day! School was cancelled on Monday so Joe got to spend the whole day at home with us. We had a great time together. After playing all day we bundled the babies up after dinner and took them out in the car to look at Christmas lights. This is something Joe and I do together every year so we were excited to include Charlie and Lily this time around. I can't say that the babies were all too excited. Charlie dozed with his binky and Lily cried until I climbed over the seats and wedged myself between their car seats so that I could hold her binky in her mouth. But Joe and I had fun :)

Look at that smile! Is he not the cutest boy ever?
Charlie and Lily are modeling some early Christmas gifts - new shirts from a former student of Joe's. Lily's shirt say, "My dad rocks!"
Super model!
Up to no good, as usual.
This morning the home care company came and took away all our NICU paraphernalia. We came home with two monitors, a pulse ox and three oxygen tanks (we thankfully never needed to use the O2, it was just for backup). It was pretty sweet to see them leave the house, although I did save one of the belts with the leads on it for the memory box.
Our downstairs bathroom has officially been turned into a baby spa.
Snow sexy! Getting ready to go outside and shovel was way more fun than actually doing it.


Heather said...

Charlie & Lily, look adorable in their outfits! I am so glad they fit, I was worried they would grow out of the smaller sizes before I got the gift to you guys! I love reading the blog, gives me a little escape from work to smile!

Glad you both enjoyed the gift as I had fun shopping for baby clothes! I was hoping to find a matching shirt for Charlie that said My Mom Rocks, but I had no luck.

Hope you guys have a great Christmas & New Year!

Heather :-)

John said...

So good to see that stuff go!

Stephanie said...

Awww, they are looking so BIG and adorable! Love that smile! That is awesome that all of the NICU stuff is gone! HOpe you have a wonderful Christmas with your babies!

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Lily like the idea of all that stuff gone - more room for toys. Hint Hint to Santa...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxoxo

Cindy said...

What a momentous occasion! ALL the NICU stuff is GONE!! Just a memory.Congrats on the health of your babies. They are adorable.