Saturday, November 17, 2012

World Prematurity Day

Every 30 seconds. Think about that for a moment. Every 30 seconds a premature baby dies. Which means that each year 1.1 million babies die. In 2009, our beautiful daughter Annaleigh was one of those 1.1 million. We will never forget her beautiful eyes, her quiet, intelligent looks or the way she felt snuggled in our arms. Prematurity stole our baby girl from us, but we are lucky enough to have an amazing son and daughter who managed to beat the odds and overcome their premature birth to grow into the happy, healthy preschoolers they are today. Still, their journey was not without struggles and their 95 and 99 days spent in the NICU will haunt us forever. No baby should have to fight to survive the way ours did, and for that reason we will forever be a part of the battle against prematurity. Join us today by spreading the word and helping gain support for the March of Dimes. Like "World Prematurity Day" on Facebook to find out more!

Charlie, one day old weighing 1 lb 13 oz. That's Joe's wedding ring on his tiny arm.
Charlie today.

Lily, one day old weighing 1 lb, 8 oz.
Lily today.
Annaleigh, June 27-August 22, 2009.


Unknown said...

My heart breaks for you and dear Annaleigh...and I am also so glad for the miracle of your other two sweet babies!

cjdubs13 said...

Your children are beautiful precious miracles! Thank you for sharing their pictures!!

Cath said...

Thank you for sharing. The story of Lily and Charlie is inspiring for all parents with premature babies.