Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrate! (3rd Birthday Recap)

July is here and Charlie and Lily's birthday festivities have come to an end. Don't feel bad for them though - they enjoyed every single second of birthday celebration, and there was a lot of celebrating!

Their actual birthday kicked off with Joe and I waking them up with a shower of balloons. They seemed to think it was a nice way to start the day.

Then we crossed the date off on our birthday calendar for the last time and headed to Sesame Place for a birthday breakfast with some Sesame Street friends.

After breakfast they squeezed in some swimming (the water was FREEZING) and some rides before choosing a birthday toy in the gift shop and heading home for nap.

Later that afternoon our family joined us dinner and cake.

For this little party we let Charlie and Lily each choose their own theme. Charlie went with Thomas and Lily selected Dora and Diego. She's recently developed a humungous crush on Diego. Joe got her this giant Diego balloon and she couldn't resist giving it a kiss.

Charlie and Lily got tons of great gifts, including Leap Pads from MomMom and PopPop and retro tricycles from Crackers and Granddad.

Finally, it was time for Charlie's favorite moment - the cake! (I made this cake after seeing it on Pinterest and it was way easier and less time consuming that I imagined!)

On Saturday, it was birthday round two with Charlie and Lily's kid party at Junglerrific. This time we went with a Sesame Street theme, complete with these adorable birthday outfits made by my friend Sara of Peanut and Pumpkin.

I made these Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes, which I also found on Pinterest and which were also much easier than I'd anticipated. Many thanks to Joe for cutting up all the cookies and running out for last minute marshmallows!

The party was so much fun! But look at this place -how could a kid be bored?

Elmo and Diego even paid a visit!

Lily was a happy, happy girl. Isn't Diego dreamy?

The party wrapped up with pizza and cupcakes for everyone.
Charlie and Lily were two very happy three year olds when all was said and done. They were even re-enacting their birthday celebrations last night. Thank you to everyone who made their day(s) so fantastic. Mission Happy Birthday accomplished :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd birthday Charlie & Lily!! Looks like they had a great time celebrating!! Those two have the BEST smiles ever :)