Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was a lot of fun, and we really had a great day! Charlie and Lily understood things this year and had a blast with it all. They awoke on Easter morning to discover that the Easter bunny had paid them a visit.
They each got a book and some new Play-Doh toys. Charlie's basket was filled with some Thomas trains and Cars cars, while Lily had a Dora doll and some new cards for her current favorite toy, Alphie.
Lily also got an Ariel figurine, which Charlie clearly found very exciting.
We hadn't had a chance to dye our Easter eggs, so we decided to do them after breakfast on Easter morning. Charlie and Lily had a great time with this activity, even if they did throw the eggs a little too enthusiastically into the cups and wound up dyeing themselves.
Then it was time to put on their Easter outfits. Lily was thrilled with her dress and hat. (I bought the dress at Cracker Barrel! I was very excited by my find.)
Did you know that if you plant jelly beans on Easter Eve, they grow into lollipop flowers the next morning? If you didn't, you clearly need to spend more time on Pinterest ;)
Picking their "flowers."
It's not Easter without an egg hunt. I hid eggs all around the yard for the kids to find. Some had a few jelly beans, some had a few M&Ms, some had goldfish crackers and some were empty. Lily happily collected all eggs in her basket, but Charlie quickly caught on to the fact that some eggs were empty. So he started just picking up eggs and shaking them. When they sounded empty, he tossed them over his shoulder and moved on. When he found one with treats, he ate the goodies and then threw the empty egg on the ground. No eggs actually made it into his basket.After hunting eggs Charlie and Lily played in the tunnel that goes with their new swing set. Joe and Uncle John are working hard on putting it together. It's going to be awesome...once all 600 million pieces are together.
After nap it was on to Uncle John and Aunt Bec's for Easter II. Mom Mom of course had plenty of goodies for Charlie and Lily.
Blowing bubbles with Mom Mom.
Charlie and Uncle John are best buds.And Lily loves her Pop Pop.
It was also Uncle John's birthday. Lily and Charlie were happy to help him blow out his candles (and eat his cake). Happy birthday, John!
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter/Passover with your families!


RNmom said...

Love their outfits, so pretty and so handsome! I completely LOL'd at Charlie shaking the eggs...what a smart little guy! = )

Cindy said...

They are so very cute!