Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Letter C

Charlie and Lily's current favorite song is "C is for Cookie" - they sing it all the time. Joe got a cute video of them singing the other night that I need to ask him to post. But anyway, we were naturally excited about C Week! We started out by reading If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and then of course we had to make some chocolate chip cookies. Charlie and Lily were very enthusiastic about baking the cookies. We were finishing up as Joe was coming home from work, and Lily stood in the door and yelled out to him, "I making cookies! I making cookies!" They were a little afraid of the mixer, but had no problem stirring the ingredients up by hand.
And for some reason Lily felt it necessary to sit on the cookie sheets.
And then the hardest part - waiting for them to bake. Charlie kept a watchful eye the entire time.
For art we made caterpillar C's. We used dot paints, which are kind of like Bingo markers and these were a big hit. Very little mess, and Charlie and Lily loved pounding them down on the paper.
We also celebrated the first day of fall on Friday by making autumn trees. The sister of a friend of Joe's works at a job that requires her to order from Oriental Trading Company often, so they frequently send her gift cards. She passed a bunch of the cards on to me, so I was able to purchase a ton of great art supplies, including the dot paints and a big bag of felt leaves. (Thanks, Alison!) Charlie and Lily used some of the leaves on Friday, gluing them to construction paper tree trunks. Lily loaded her tree with leaves, but Charlie took a more minimalist approach.
Charlie and Lily have also started playing pretend a lot. They have frequent conversations on their play phones with Nana, Crackers, Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom, and they love to go on "trips", a game where they say ""Goodbye, I miss you!" then walk around the corner, come back and say "I back!" Lol. Lily also spends a lot of time with her baby. She puts her down for naps (which involves slamming her face down onto the top of our portable air conditioner, for some reason), asks us to change Baby's diaper and feeds her a bottle. The other day Charlie and Lily were sharing their Goldfish crackers with Baby and Charlie went right over and got Baby's bottle to feed her. He usually has no interest in dolls, so I thought it was cute!
And then there's Lily's new sense of style. She's become very opinionated on what she wears, and frequently asks for bracelets, hats and certain shoes. Yesterday she paired these awesome rainbow pants with a purple hat and Elmo shoes. Fierce! And then later in the day, after we took Charlie and Lily shopping for new shoes, Lily exchanged the Elmo shoes for a pair of sequin-encrusted pink sneakers that she picked out herself. Charlie tried to take home a pair of pink party shoes, but we talked him into a more rugged pair of navy blue sneakers instead ;)
Thank you for all the concern for Lily's arm! She's been doing great wearing the sling and judging by the way she's climbing the furniture, her arm is feeling better. We have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow morning for another x-ray and hopefully her arm will be all healed and we can ditch the sling - I'm tired of finding peas and Teddy Grahams inside it....

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