Wednesday, December 29, 2010

18 month stats

Yesterday Charlie and Lily had their 18 month well visit with the pediatrician and we are incredibly happy with their stats! All of these percentiles are for their actual, not adjusted, age.

Weight: 23lbs 3 oz (16th percentile)
Height: 30 1/2" (8th percentile)

Weight: 23lbs 14oz (44th percentile)
Height: 31" (31st percentile)

We are so, so proud of them both. To think that just 18 short months ago they were weighing in at 1lb 13oz and 1lb 8 oz and today they are right where they should be.

The rest of the appointment went well. The pediatrician said he would like to see Charlie have a few more words (right now he says about 3). We have another NICU follow-up in April so I plan to wait until we see the speech therapist there to see what she says before I look into any kind of intervention. I have a feeling he'll catch up soon.

We took a few good pictures today of Charlie and Lily being goofy. This was before their nap and they had been totally cranky, but all of a sudden they got this second wind and started being so silly.

These pants don't fit Lily anymore, but apparently they are really fun to play with.
Chef Charlie bringing a punch of pepper from the play kitchen.We took down our Christmas tree today, and now Charlie and Lily have this awesome play area in our living room. I love it, and they seem to too!


happy_wife said...

Yay for those precious, growing babies!!! We have a similar play area for my son, but somehow he loves playing in my kitchen drawers the best! And I have a feeling Charlie will start chattering away any day! It's so funny how one day they start to do something (anything) and it just explodes from there! Plus I bet when Charlie and Lily start babbling back and forth to eachother-cutest.thing.ever!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jane. Boys take a while longer to start talking, but when they do, watch out. Around 20 months his vocabulary will expand 10 times.

JoLynn said...

My kids were 12 weeks preemie and turn 21 months on Jan 2. They were only saying a few words at 18 months. Just in the past 2 weeks their speech has exploded and they try to repeat everything. Adam is actually talking more than Sara. Early Intervention told us recently that by the time they are 2, they want them to say 50-70 words, sometimes in groups of 2, and about 50% are recognizable by someone other than you. I know that seems like a far off goal right now when they are only saying a few but it really will change quickly.

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas and the kids are growing perfectly!

Brooke said...

Thanks JoLynn - good to know!

Anonymous said...

New word... AUNTIE.... :) xoxoxoxoxo

Michele from FTHS said...

Way to go, Little D's!