Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eyes on the prize

Lily has learned another new skill! In the last few days she's been not only focusing on objects in front of her but reaching out and grabbing them! For weeks she's been eyeing the crafty red bird hanging from the playmat and this week she finally got her hands on him. She is so cute - she focuses so hard that she goes almost cross-eyed and then looks so proud of herself when she gets the bird in her hand. Tonight she sat in her bouncy seat holding and examining a stuffed flower rattle from her Aunt Jill. A few times she dropped it and kept staring at her hands like, "I know it was just here..."

We've been in the throes of a winter storm for the last few days, which has actually been nice because Joe had two days off from school and got to spend them with us. It was really nice to have time with the four of us together and to give the babies some one-on-one playtime and feedings. We're bummed that he has to go back to school tomorrow, but luckily Monday is a holiday so we'll have a long weekend together!

Lily finally catching her nemesis, the red bird.
Charlie and Lily - happy in coordinating stripes.
A Charlie smile caught on camera! This boy seriously smiles ALL the time, but as soon as we pull out the camera he stops and gets all serious. The other morning I was actually trying to take a picture of Lily in her "A Star is Born" t-shirt (although she didn't cooperate) and Charlie just didn't realize when I started photographing him instead. Look at that face!
Our little supermodel strikes another pose.
It's crazy Charlie! I had Charlie all swaddled for his nap this afternoon on the pack-n-play changing table and dropped something, so I strapped him on while I bent down to get it. Joe and I laughed looking at him, all wrapped up like little Hannibal Lecter.


Twenty Little Toes said...

You know you are right, the snow days have been like blessing in disguise. I've had my husband home for a couple of days, which rarely happens given his busy schedule, We've had so much fun together, it's like the holidays or something!

E. Merritt said...

Oh, "Red Bird" such a favorite in our household. Our boys are almost a year, the playmat has been taken down for some time now, but Red Bird remains. That little toy is often is in someone's hands when they are brought to bed!

carrie said...

They are really starting to look alike! You can definitely tell they are sibs! So exciting to be reaching new milestones!

Michele from FTHS said...

Way to go, Little D's! I enjoyed those snow days, too...just don't like the snow!!

Heather C said...

Such happy babies!

Anonymous said...

Go Lily. Keep smiling Charlie.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo